Lion NZ


Lion’s aim was to create a new branded content series which educated consumers on what craft beers are made from, how they taste and what they taste best with.


The key to a successfully designed “Made to Match” unit was functionality and flexibility. The POS graphics would change frequently so we incorporated interchangeable graphic facilities to simplify printed POS updates, and kept to standard sizes. The unit needed to be modular and flexible to fit any retail configuration such as supermarkets or small liquor retailers.


The “Made to Match” campaign is a successful omni-channel experience with celebrity chef tv endorsements, websites and effective in-store displays highlights featured products at the point of purchase to influence shopper decisions. It has reinvigorated the beer category, and delivered a substantial shift in the number of New Zealanders who believe beer goes well with food.

“Made to Match” is a complete evolution in content marketing. We would never have been able to create this a few years ago as the marketing world was still too attached to the old brand ad advertising style. This new branded content style offers advertisers a whole new way to promote a number of products to a large audience in a cost-effective and powerful way,” Mike O’Sullivan – Executive Director – BrandWorld