Grocery Retailers across Australia and New Zealand


Supermarkets across Australia and New Zealand identified an increasing trend of individual display stands being developed for the exclusive use of branded products in the grocery aisle. Concerned that this was adding complexity and detracted from the overall supermarket brand experience they engaged iCandy Creative to develop a retail fixture that included the following features: Style and design in keeping with supermarket brand guidelines, Improvement of visual merchandising and re/stocking time, Easy stock rotation of small high volume products and Non fixed components for easy maintenance.


Highly shopped categories often end up looking messy and require constant labor to keep well maintained. Customer confidence in the brand and supermarket can be eroded through expired products on shelf and unidentified out-of-stocks. iCandy Creative incorporated their patented FlexRoller gravity feed system into an wide variety of shelves, whether they are pullout, fixed or layover. The whole shelf can be disassembled for easy care maintenance.


The FlexRoller shelves are designed to last in the most rigorous of retail environments and has improved overall presentation of categories where it has been implemented. SPOS FlexRoller shelves have been installed into the herbs and spices, vitamins, liquor and health and beauty categories. The Flexroller shelves increase the presence and shopability of categories leading to improved sales, reduced the out-of-date product returns, and save staff time in restocking and fronting shelves.

iCandy Creative milestone Flexroller projects are:

  • National Woolworths Health & Beauty aisle
  • National Foodstuffs and Progressive NZ – Herbs and Spices, and Vitamins.
  • National Aldi Wine