To create a display that clearly encapsulates Dyson, as a leading brand, generating a strongly identifiable Shop in Shop destination and a footprint people are enticed towards. It was iCandy Creative’s objective to become immersed in the brand and product identity in order to design, and create a solution that ticked all the boxes, while strongly showcasing and glorifying their product range, including Dyson’s Barrel based products, Hand Stick product range and accessories.


Our Shop in Shop solution is dynamic, adaptable and appropriate for the varied range of retail environments. A variable included the product range which was vast in some stores – but more focused in others. The need for a modular and scalable design became clear, as did the need for functionality and versatility, allowing for a high level of control over merchandising.

Dyson is an educational based brand, one that strives itself on innovation and the industry leading based engineering and design behind their products – therefore the need for museum based overtures and features became points of focus that we really wanted to make apparent in the customers eyes.

As Dyson are “World Class”, our Shop in Shop needed to be held on equal regard. The Design, Materials, construction methods and overall delivery was stringently tested and assessed at each point to ensure all standards were well above satisfactory. Due to the highly competitive nature of the vacuum product industry, our display solution had to create a greater clear distinction that stood out from any other competing brand.


A modular system was designed to work in various configurations. Fabricated sheet steel was the main material selected for use to create this display. With steel we could achieve a flawless finish while retaining the highest of strength properties for what is a high pace and demanding wear retail environment.

The Shop in Shop could place the brand at a strong educational based position with this display by creating and glorifying museum cases exhibiting real-life exploded assemblies of the product, monitors rolling Dyson based media which effectively communicated to customers Dyson’s world-class placement, engineering and brand qualities